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Norfolk » Virginia » Online Colleges And Universities

Access College Foundation Address: 800 E City Hall Ave # 1002 Norfolk, VA 23510 7576283943

Armed Forces Staff College Address: 7800 Hampton Blvd Norfolk, VA 23511 7574402070

Central Texas College Address: 1301 E Little Creek Rd # 5 Norfolk, VA 23518 7575878873

College of Sciences Address: 4600 Elkhorn Rm 143 Norfolk, VA 23529 7576833274

Faith Bible College Address: 107 Seekel St Norfolk, VA 23505 7574232095

Medical College Address: 700 W Olney Rd Norfolk, VA 23507 7574466100

Medical College Address: 711 Southampton Ave Norfolk, VA 23510 7574465224

Mission College Apartments Address: 1300 Lead St Norfolk, VA 23504 7576401300

Mission College Apts Address: 1300 Lead St Norfolk, VA 23504 7576401300

Norfolk Seminary and College Address: 1500 E Little Creek Rd Norfolk, VA 23518 7575875707

Providence Bible College Address: 3300 Tidewater Dr Norfolk, VA 23509 7576257996

Tide Water Cmnty College Bkstr Address: 121 College Pl Norfolk, VA 23510 7576237570

Tidewater Cmnty College Bk Str Address: 121 College Pl Norfolk, VA 23510 7578221083

Tidewater Community College Address: 300 Granby St Norfolk, VA 23510 7578221122

Tidewater Community College Address: 861 Glenrock Rd Ste 223 Norfolk, VA 23502 7574617537

United Negro College Fund Inc Address: Norfolk, VA 23510 7576228623

Virginia Wesleyan College Address: 1584 Wesleyan Dr Norfolk, VA 23502 7574553200

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Technology has made photography a changing field, so students should look for majors that offer traditional film and darkroom study as well as offering the latest advances in digital photography.

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Students majoring in humanities focus on the study of human culture. Some of these areas, such as art, history, language, literature, music, philosophy, and religion, date back to ancient times.