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BUYCOLLEGESTUFF.COM Address: 1715 Pratt Dr Blacksburg, VA 24060 5405522903

Buycollegestuffcom Address: 1715 Pratt Dr Ste 3400 Blacksburg, VA 24060 8006604596

College Inn Address: 1515 Harding Rd Blacksburg, VA 24060 5409517227

College Motors Address: 1604 S Main St Blacksburg, VA 24060 5409532070

College Motors Inc Address: 1604 S Main St Blacksburg, VA 24060 5409532070

College of Arts and Sciences Address: 100 Oid Security Building Blacksburg, VA 24061 5402319542

College of Engineering Address: 333 Norris Hall Blacksburg, VA 24061 5402316641

College Of Veterinary Medicine Address: Duckpond Dr Blacksburg, VA 24061 5402314621

College Savers Address: 135 Clover Valley Cir Blacksburg, VA 24060 5409515638

Pamplin College of Business Address: 1030 Pamplin Hall Blacksburg, VA 24061 5402316601

Virginia College of Osteopathi Address: 2265 Kraft Dr Blacksburg, VA 24060 5402314000

Virginia Maryland Reg College Address: 201 Southgate Ctr Blacksburg, VA 24061 5402314621

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Students majoring in humanities focus on the study of human culture. Some of these areas, such as art, history, language, literature, music, philosophy, and religion, date back to ancient times.

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Technology has made photography a changing field, so students should look for majors that offer traditional film and darkroom study as well as offering the latest advances in digital photography.