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Old Westbury » New York » Online Colleges And Universities

Barnes Nble College Bookstores Address: Nyit Stdnt Lctre Cnter D Old Westbury, NY 11568

College At Old Westbury Lib Address: 223 Store Hill Rd Old Westbury, NY 11568 5168763156

College At Old Westbury Libr Address: PO Box 229 Old Westbury, NY 11568 5168763156

Empire State College Address: PO Box 130 Old Westbury, NY 11568 5169974700

New York College Of Osteo Med Address: PO Box 8000 Old Westbury, NY 11568 5166266944

Suny College At Old Westbury Address: PO Box 307 Old Westbury, NY 11568 5168763000

Suny Empire State College Address: P.O. BOX 130 Old Westbury, NY 11568 5169974700

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Students majoring in humanities focus on the study of human culture. Some of these areas, such as art, history, language, literature, music, philosophy, and religion, date back to ancient times.

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Fashion design majors learn about designing, manufacturing, and merchandising apparel and accessories. Fashion designers communicate ideas three-dimensionally through their knowledge of color, fabric, and silhouette. Today’s fashion designer must produce beauty and excellence in design, as well as a marketable product.