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Mississippi State » Mississippi » Online Colleges And Universities

College and School Relations Address: P.O. BOX 6334 Mississippi State, MS 39762 6623253076

College Bookstore Address: P.O. BOX BS Mississippi State, MS 39762 6623251576

College Business and Industry Address: 104 Mccool Hl Mississippi State, MS 39762 6623251886

College of Business and Industry Address: P.O. BOX 5288 Mississippi State, MS 39762 6623251894

College of Veterinary Medicine Address: P.O. BOX 9825 Mississippi State, MS 39762 6623251287

Mississippi State Univ College Address: P.O. BOX 5288 Mississippi State, MS 39762 6623253817

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Students majoring in humanities focus on the study of human culture. Some of these areas, such as art, history, language, literature, music, philosophy, and religion, date back to ancient times.

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Graphic design majors learn how to use words and images to express messages that an organization wishes to communicate to their audience