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College Computer Solutions Address: 1114 Jersey St Quincy, IL 62301 2172246479

College Computer Solutions Address: 634 N 6th St Quincy, IL 62301

Culver Stockton College Address: Quincy, IL 62301 2172316000

Gem City College Address: 700 State St Quincy, IL 62301 2172220391

Vatterott College Address: 501 N 3rd St Quincy, IL 62301 2172240600

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Fashion design majors learn about designing, manufacturing, and merchandising apparel and accessories. Fashion designers communicate ideas three-dimensionally through their knowledge of color, fabric, and silhouette. Today’s fashion designer must produce beauty and excellence in design, as well as a marketable product.

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Graphic design majors learn how to use words and images to express messages that an organization wishes to communicate to their audience