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Iowa City » Iowa » Online Colleges And Universities

College Hill House Address: 932 E College St Iowa City, IA 52240 3193372020

College of Nursing Address: 101 Nursing Building Iowa City, IA 52242 3193357018

College Street Billiards Club Address: 114 E College St Iowa City, IA 52240 3198872665

Kirkwood Community College Address: 1810 Lower Muscatine Rd Iowa City, IA 52240 3198873659

La'James Intl College Address: 227 E Market St Iowa City, IA 52245 3193372109

U I College Of Law Residents Address: 320 Melrose Ave # 20 Iowa City, IA 52246 3193415805

Univ Iowa College Dentistry Address: 801 Newton Rd Iowa City, IA 52242 3193359650

Univ Of Ia College Of Medicine Address: 212 Medicine Admin Bldg Iowa City, IA 52242 3193358064

University Iowa College Dntstr Address: Elliott Dr Iowa City, IA 52242 3193357499

University Of Ia College Med Address: 2-126 B Medical Education Bldg Iowa City, IA 52242 3193534431

University Of Iowa Law College Address: 130 Byington Rd Iowa City, IA 52242 3193359034

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The art major helps students formulate and develop their personal vision. To accomplish this goal, courses teach skills that allow students to express themselves successfully through multiple media.

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Graphic design majors learn how to use words and images to express messages that an organization wishes to communicate to their audience