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Design Major: Digital, Graphic, Fashion, Interior, and Architecture

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Design majors share a number of common traits, interests, and skills. You just naturally love to draw, design, and create things—whether art, logos, fashion, furniture, web pages, or more

Digital design majors use multimedia technology to assemble graphics, text, sound, and video into meaningful productions. The major includes work in graphic design, art theory, typography, digital image manipulation, animation, and other multimedia  applications. Digital designers might work in a variety of fields. Digital design (sometimes referred to as digital arts) is a pretty specialized major and  only available at certain colleges and universities. Typical courses include:
Introduction to Digital Arts
Computer Art
Computer Graphic Art and
Image Manipulation
Principles of Web Design
Multimedia Authoring
Multimedia Communications
Advanced Web Design
Radio Production
Advanced Graphic Design
Image Manipulation
Digital Media Technology

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