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The goal of educational accreditation, according to the United States Department of Education, is to ensure that programs provided by institutions of higher education meet acceptable levels of quality.

Online accredited online degree programs enables accredited higher learning for individuals living with physical disabilities, busy full-time employees  and stay-at-home parents.

While most major online colleges are regionally accredited, the public estimation of their quality is in dispute. Some experts argue that degrees in certain fields are more accepted online than in others, while some programs are less suited for online-only schools.

A survey by the Distance Education and Training  found that  employers who responded felt that distance education program graduates performed better on the job as a result of their degree.

Additionally, employers felt that an employee receiving a distance education degree compared favorably, in terms of knowledge learned, to someone with a resident degree.

Until 2006, United States students enrolled in online degree programs were not eligible for federal student aid unless at least half of their program was campus-based (a law established in 1992 and known as the 50-percent rule).  In February 2006, that law was repealed, making federal student aid in the form of federal loans, grants, and work-study available in the U.S. for students enrolled in an eligible online degree program at an accredited Title IV-eligible institution.

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